Chain Of Custody

Lightning Source UK Ltd is committed to improving environmental performance by driving down CO2 emissions and reducing, reusing and recycling waste.

Lightning Source UK Ltd recognizes that what we do today, affects the environment of both current and future generations and we are therefore committed to continuous environmental improvement. Our policy is to manage our businesses in such a manner as to have minimum impact on the environment in which we operate.

In pursuit of our environmental objectives, we shall:

  • Integrate environmental performance considerations into our businesses operations.
  • Identify the aspects of our business that will have an impact on the environment.
  • Comply with environmental legislation, regulations and best practice.
  • Prevent pollution and contamination.
  • Measure and manage energy consumption.
  • Set reduction targets.
  • Minimize where possible the use of resources (materials, fuel and energy) thereby reducing waste.
  • Re-use and re-cycle waste materials where possible.
  • Encourage our contractors and suppliers to work with us in securing beneficial change in our shared environmental impacts.
  • Communicate to all persons working for or on behalf of our organization.
  • Support the purchase of energy efficient products, services and design for energy efficient performance.

Lightning Source UK Ltd’s energy and environmental policy recognizes a long term commitment to update company practices according to advances in environmental understanding, changes in environmental law and best practice guidance.

The Management of Lightning Source UK Ltd recognizes that environmental objectives can only be achieved through the personal involvement of our employees. In practical terms this means a willingness of all employees to demonstrate a commitment to our environmental objectives through implementation of, and adherence to the environmental policy, processes, procedures and best practice guidance.

Lightning Source UK Ltd has and will maintain an Energy and Environmental Management System in accordance with ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 50001:2011.