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Our Services

Print to Order • Print to Publisher • Print to Warehouse

Choosing the right model for your needs

At Lightning Source, we offer a print and distribution model for every publisher, every title and every situation. Because these are complete vertical integration models, a single communication drives the production process all the way to order fulfillment. Provide us with the quantity and the destination and we’ll handle all the necessary details.

Print to Order (Wholesale, Distribution)


With print to order, the traditional model is turned upside down by selling titles on a publisher’s behalf and paying the publisher the wholesale price of the book, less print costs for each book sold through the largest network of distribution partners. Using your ISBNs as identifiers, we print as orders are received from wholesalers, retailers or consumers so you’re never out of stock of a desired book.


Ingram Distribution Channel

Using the distribution strength of our parent company, Ingram Book Company, your book always appears in stock and available to all Ingram customers. With over 30,000 wholesalers, retailers and booksellers in over 100 countries your titles will gain the maximum exposure in the market today. With print to order, your book is printed and ready for shipment in 12 hours or less.


Other Distribution Channels

We maintain relationships with the most comprehensive portfolio of booksellers serving consumers today as is evidenced by the list below. The practices of individual wholesalers and retailers determine whether your titles show as “in stock.”


Lightning Source Distribution Partners